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Using PASS password manager multiplatform

Submitted by egbert on Mon, 10/28/2019 - 11:40

What I need:
1. A secure password manager
2. No hosted database or cloud stuff
3. No database at all!
4. Based on standards
5. Encrypted

Like many I really do not like password managers. They suck like big time and are a lot of work to keep going. But I did need something to organize all my passwords. I did try the simple text file with a list but that didn't seem to secure and kind of a hassle.

So I came across the Pass, The Standard Unix Password Manager which seems to be very interesting for my needs.

I read the information and gave it a go.

My initial setup was on a debian server in my network, so I use that as my central place for creating/updating and sync my passwords. How I do this:

Edit passwords on the server through an ssh connection.


On Linux I had no problem installing pass. Just use your distribution package management tool to install it. On most distributions PASS is included. For reference and install commands, check Pass website.

Once installed I need to get the password store..