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Linux - Automount USB drive on boot

Door egbert op zo, 07/16/2017 - 07:34

(Re)Mount an external drive on boot;

Step 1: Create a mount point for the drive:

sudo mkdir /mnt/%name_of_the_directory%

Step 2: Identify the UUID from the drive:

"sudo blkid -o list"

Step 3: Add the uuid to the


file like so:

For example to add the UUID "9b9dd266-1ee9-41f1-87aa-82f39fd1cf25" ext4 formatted drive to /etc/fstab:

Step 4: Add this line at the end:

UUID=9b9dd266-1ee9-41f1-87aa-82f39fd1cf25 /mnt/%name_of_the_directory% ext4 defaults 0

Step 5: Reboot and see if it worked out!!