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Book cover Erwin Olaf

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  • Dimensions: 43x327x291 mm
  • ISBN10 |  9491301020

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OWN is covering Olaf's period from 1984 to 2012. Because it covers such large period, it also means the book is thick and not your average coffee table book.

The book contains well over 300 pages with examples of his work. It starts with an introduction about Erwin Olaf, in the form of an interview done by Javier Panera. Followed by the views of several well-known art critics on his work. After that it's a continuous flow of images in no direct order by means of period or style. In the back of the book there is an index with thumbnail sized images and basic information about the title, series and year made. Also a list of (permanent) exhibitions is presented.

Most of the images in the book are almost page sized some are a bit larger leaving about 2/3 of the opposite page blank and a few are double page sized. Because it is presented by project/ series of images, sometimes a blank page can be found but it's absolutely not disturbing. . Size matters with photography books, and with this book it is absolutely no exception. Although the book is quite large, I would not mind that it was published bigger, in for example a standard XL version. All interviews in the book are in the English language.